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The Bat Study and Conservation group of Japan(BSCJ) was established in 1992 by researchers who were concerned with the conservation of bats. The group initially consisted of 45 members, but we now have 350 members as of April 2015. We are devoted to bat conservation and research.  We hold a bat festival every summer. We issue bat news once a year and have published two books on bats. We raise money for bat conservation through donation and the sales of postcards and other itemes. We have also created guidelines for Bat Watching.

Anyone interested in bats can join us.


Bat festival 2017 is going to be held in Shichinohe Town (which Tenmabayashi-mura was merged into) in Aomori Prefecture on August 5(Sat) and 6(Sun). Tenmadate shrine houses a large maternity roost of Vespertilio sinensis. We are going to watch the bats flyout in the evening.


icon-batBat Conservation Work

  1. Bat walk tour guidelines
  2. Cautions for filming bats in the wild. This is a basic guideline for filming wildlife. We hope the media can use this. PDF file(in Japanese) is here
  3. Other bat conservation issues

icon-batAnnual Bat Festival every summer across the nation

icon-batBat News (once a year)


  1. Akaya Project Bat Survey
  2. iBats-Japan Project World-wide bat monitoring project


icon-batThe list of Bat species in Japan and their literatures

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