【The Bat Conservation and Study Group of Japan】

Guidelines for bat watching event

(Established 2000.7.9)

1 Aim

Many people have had a false impression of bats due to misunderstanding and prejudice. But recently little by little, things have been changing thanks to many bat lovers.
Every year BSCJ have had a bat watching event accompanied by a bat festival as it is important to show the public bats in their habitat. We believe these continual efforts have made a difference for better understanding of bats.
But we are a small organization and we can conduct this event only once a year so it has only a small influence. On the other hand these days many organizations, including our members, hold bat watching events in many places around Japan. So we have made guidelines for bat events and give the title “Authorized by BSCJ” to the events which follow them.

2 Guidelines

1:When you plan the event

2:Before the bat watching

3:Bat watching near caves or tree hollow roosts, nightroosts, near street lights and at a riverbank or grassland

4:Disapproval of bat watching inside of a cave or a tunnel

 BSCJ does not approve bat watching evens inside of a cave or a tunnel because of the following reasons

3 How to get the authorization of BSCJ

  Fill in the application form below and send it to the BSCJ office or any committee member. The application is reviewed at the committee and the president will send the result a month before the event at the very latest.

 (B):Applications should be sent, at the latest, 2 months before the event.

 (C):No application fee or authorization fees are necessary. We are not able to financially support any events at the moment.

 (D):The BSCJ is not responsible for any trouble of the event.

 (E):After the event submit a report to the BSCJ office. No fixed form for the report.

Application form for BSCJ authorization
Date of application
To the BSCJ president
Your organization name
        Name of the president and contact information(Address, Telephone and Fax numbers, e-mail address)

 We are goint have a bat watching event which follows the BSCJ guidelines and we would like to get a permission of the title “Authorized by the BSCJ” to the event

 1 Event organizer:
 2 Cohost(if you have any)
 3 Supporting organization:(if you have any)
 4 Date and time of the event(if you have the event several times, you can write down in a same application form)
 5 Place of the event
 6 Insurance:
 7 Who can be participants and how many participants you are going to have
 8 Bat species you expect to see
 9 An outline of the event
10 Others
11 Enclose an event leaflet if you have

4・Coverage of these guidelines

These guidlines are applied to an event which needs an authorization of the BSCJ

We are not going to restrict any bat watching events with no BSCJ authorization
And we are not going to restrict reseach and trainings for aspiring bat reseachers

Examples of insurance of recreational event

Insurance for perticipants
・For example an insurance with a premium of 100 yen per event pays 30,000,000yen upon death and 10,000yen every day at hospital up to 180 days.

Insurance for event organizers and leaders
 For example an insurance with a 300 yen premium per year pays at max 11,530,000yen upon injury of staff and at max 35,0000,000 upon damage conpensation

Ask your local social welfare council for details

 Some bat watching events were held in caves even though organizers knew they were someone's research fields. In some bat watching events, leaders or organizers caputured and showed bats without proper permissions.
 To stop these llegal, ill effets on bats and dangerouse for participants events, let us know if you know any.