【Bat Study and Conservation Report 】Table of contents

Bat Study and Conservation Report is our newsletter which is issued once a year exclusively for BSCJ members. It is a magazine of miscellaneous accounts on bats in Japan.
Vol.1(1) Jan 1993
Say a few words of congratulations on the establishment
Letters from the readers
Bats in Iriomote Island
Vol.1(2) May 1993
Feature article "Bat houses"
Letters from the readers
From editor
Vol.1(.3-4) Dec 1993
Feature article " Bat detector "
Letters from the readers
The report on the first Bat Watching Event
From editor
Vol.2(1) Nov 1994
Special issue "Bats and caves"
What kind of caves are preferred by cave-dwelling bats ? Komoto, T.
Maternity caves Sawada I.
  • Cave-dwelling bats Funakoshi K.
  • Bats in Isumi county in Chiba prefecture Ohyabu K.
  • Bat in the sidewalk tunnels in Toyama prefecture in winter Murai H. and Anada T.
  • Cave-dwelling bats in North Mie Prefecture Teranishi T.
  • Cave-dwelling bats in Kashiwazaki City in Niigata Prefecture Minowa K.
Reportage : A visit to the Bat House  Editor
From editor
Vol.3(1) June 1995
Feature Article:Bat Conservation Issue throughout Japan
  • Hipposideros turpis and Rhinolophus perditus in Iriomote Island Matsumura S.
  • Conservation of Eptesicus japonensis in Norikura highland Yamamoto T.
  • The present condition of Saiko Bat Cave (Bats have returned but still there are problems. Nakagawa Y.


  • Accidental capture of bats while bird banding Hashiomoto H.
  • Mysterious call in the autumn nights Mikasa A.
  • The rescue of Murina ussuriensis in Karuizawa highland Yokoyama M.
From editor
Vol.3(2) Dec 1995
The first bat festival in Norikura in Nagano Prefecture
The first. Annual General Meeting
Our activities and the account in 1993 and 1994
From editor
Vol.4(1) May 1996
  • Bats in Nasu hightland Yasui S.
  • Research on the bats in Togakushi Forest Botanical Garden Mikasa A.
  • As soon as I got to the tropical rainforest, I encountered the mammal Kamiya Y. 
  • Finding of the body of Nyctalus aviator Ochiai K.
  • Two species of bats caught mistakenly while banding birds Sakuyama M.
  • Bats and beer in summer Nakada T.
  • Another report on mysterious call Aoki Y. Sekishima T. Ishihara T. Hata K. and the Editor


Vol.5(1) Jan 1997
  • Hibernating Pipistrellu endoi in a library Yokoyama K.
  • The copulation plug of Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Tyukyoku, N. and Kojima A.
  • The use of computer network as a means of exchanging information about bats Hashimoto H
  • Pteropus dasymallus yaeyamae Morigichi M.
  • The bat forum in Norikura highland Editor
  • The second bat house in Japan has been built Editor
  • A protest letter to NHK on a science documentary program
  • Rabies infection from bats
Annual General Meeting in 1996
From the editor
Vol.6(1) Jan 1998
  • Pellet study on the Pteropus dasymallus inopinatusl in Naha Osada H.
  • Hibernation of Murina ussuriensis in snow Kanaizuka T. 
  • The first bat usage of the Norikura bat house  Noguchi S. 
  • Bats in the lake Kawaguchi area Shiraisi H
  • Bat research in caves in Niijima Island Asada M.
  • Bat research at Asahi Spa in Yamagata prefecture 
  • The dead Murina ussuriensis  Kimura K.
  • The Bat festival '97 in Temmabayashi village Editor
  • Relocation of bats from Tenmakan shrine to a bat house Mukouyama M.
From the editor
Vol.7(1) April 1999
Feature article:Tadarida insignis
  • The fateful encounter with Tadarida insignis Satoh M.
  • The capture records of Tadarida insignis Editor
  • The map of mysterious call Editor
The life of Pipistrellus abramus Noguchi I. 
The talk on flying foxes Funakoshi K.
Contributed article : A visit to BCI  Honda N.
  • Bat rescue facility in Aomori Mukoyama M.
  • Bats in Fukuurahihi cave Minowa K.
  • Pipistrellus abramus in captivity Tanaka A.
  • A bat under a stone Suzuki K.
  • Cave dwelling bats in Aichi Teranishi T.
Bat festival in Shimokitayama Yasui S.
From the desk of BSCJ
  • Annual general meeting in1998
  • A statement about the assault on Vespertilio superans in Aomori
From the editor
 Vol.8(1) May 2000 Feature article ; Bats in Hokkaido  
Bat festival in Bihoro in 1999 Editor   
  • Forest dwelling bats in the Tomakomai forest of Hokkaido University laboratory Aoi T. and Fukui D.
  • Bats in and around Obihiro city Yanagawa H.   
  • Hyakunennomori Park of Kuchan-cho hyakunen Okazaki K.   
  • Rishiri town museum Sato M.   
  • Bats in and around Asahikawa city Dewa H   
  • Bats in Bihoro Yamaga Y. 
The feature articles ; Action plan   
  • The action plan BSCJ   
  • The contents of the action plan and the progress Maeda K.   
  • Flying fox conservation in Japan Osawa Y., Osawa K. 
  • Discovery of a colony of Tadarida insignis Kanaizuka T.   
  • Bats at the 5th station of Mt.Fuji Urano M.    
  • Breeding of Indian flyingfoxes Ozaki R.    
  • "TOBE TOBE KOUMORI" My bat watching story Kawai K.    
  • A dormouse that used a bathouse Yamaguchi K.    
  • A colony of Murina leucogaster Chiba N.    
  • Bats and wintering flies Arita T.    
Annual general meeting 
 Vol.8(2) Dec 2000 Bat festival 2000 in Hiroshima 
  • A report of tagged Vespertilio superans in Akita city Mukouyama M.    
  • Rescued Vespertilio superans in Tomae county in Hokkaido Sato M., Ono H.    
  • Wintering Vespertilio superans in west Tanzawa in Kanagawa Yamaguchi K.    
  • Bats in Gunma Shimizu T.    
    Pipistrellus aburamus
    in captivity in Yamakita town in Kanagawa Yamaguchi K. 
Report   Flying foxes in American Samoa  Osawa Y. and Osawa K.  
From the Office  
The report on the Annual General meeting 
 Vol.9(1) June 2001 Reports
  • A colony of Tadarida insignis Terayama M.
  • A conservation facility plan of Myotis macrodactylus Mukoyama M.
  • Behaviour of Rhinolophus cornutus at night roost in Norikura Highland Yamamoto T
  • Bat box usage at Norikura Highland Nobuhito Honda and the Editor
  • Bat usage of box calverts Yanagawa H., Noro M. and Okabe K.
  • Bats in air-raid shelters Sano A.
Report from overseas
  • Bats in Borneo Kamiya Y.
  • A bat research in Sichuan and Guangdong, China Mizuno M.and Mikasa A.
 Vol.10 (1) August 2002 Report around the country
  • The cave dwelling bats in Hokusetsu area, Osaka Urano N.
  • A resting site of Murina ussuriensis Honda N.
From overseas
  • The world smallest bat Uzaki K.and Uzaki M.
From the Office
The report of the Annual General meeting
 Vol.11(1) March 2003
  • Tree Health Research Society and Symposium on tree hollows Sano A.and Shigeta M.
  • A mysterious bat recorded by a infrared camera Yamaguchi Y.
  • Sonograms of bats Honda N.
  • A report on Plecotus auritus in northwest area of Gumma Shimizu T.
  • A bat covered by Speleothem Chiba N.
  • Bat road kill in Tokachi area, Hokkaido Yanagawa H., Akisawa N.and Tsutsubuchi M.
  • A newly found maternity colony of Vespertilio superans in Osaka Urano N.
  • The first record of Myotis macrodactylus in Hokusetsu area, Osaka Urano N.
  • Bat conservation facility at Akohodobashi, Nango village, Aomori Mukoyama M.
  • A bat conservation plan using a bat pit Tohoku Regional Agricultural Administration Office
A report from overseas "A bat which seems to be attracted by a cell phone bumped into a man" Wu Y. and Harada M.
Column Old martial arts and bats Khono Y.
From the office
  • Bat festival 2002 in Fujisan
  • The 8th general meeting
  • Announcement
 Vol.12(1) April 2004 Reports
  • A report of Pipistrellus abramus bred in a Hirundo daurica's nest. Hirata K.
  • The first record of Vespertilio sinensis in Haboro townm Hokkaido Sato M.
  • A recommendation of bat count -- 7 years research on bats in Norikura bat house Inoue A and Inoue C.
  • The later report of bat conservation facility at Akohodobashi, Nango village, Aomori Mukoyama M.
  • Bycatch of bats during bird banding Suginome S.
  • Looking for bats in ole-growth forests. Kamijo T.
  • Rehabilitation and release in the wild of baby bats Hayama H.
  • Miniopterus fuliginosus crossed the sea Morii R.
Bat festival 2003 in Ueno Zoo Osawa K. and Osawa Y.
Symposium on tree hollows Sano A. and Shigeta M.
A meeting with bird banders Mikasa A.
From the office
  • The 9th general meeting
  • Announcement
 Vol. 13(1) June 2005
  • Maternity colony of Eptesicus japonensis at Norikura Highland Koyanagi K. Tsuji A. Yamamoto T. Mikasa A. Mizuno A. Nakamura M and Nishioka M.
  • A rescued Vespertilio sinensis in Machida city, Tokyo Kasahi T. and Nagaoka H.
  • A report of Murina hilgendorfi at Mt. Takao Kobuchi Y.
  • A roost of Pipistrellus abramus in my house Kasahi T.
  • A report of Paguma larvata in an abandoned mine Sano A.
From overseas
  • Myotis formosus in Taiwan Harada M., Lin L. and Zhang C.
  • Bat conservation and Management workshop at Mammoth Cave Arai Y.
Bat festival 2004 at Kashiwazaki, Niigata Minowa K.
Save the bats in former air-raid shelters Sano A.
Living with bats Yamamoto T.
The 10th annual general meeting
Vol.14(1) June 2006
  • Tadarida insignis on Mimianajima, Mie Yamamoto T., Shimizu Z., Sano A. and Sano J.
  • Overwintering population of Barbastella leucomelas and Vespertilio sinensis Sato A. and Katsuta S.
  • Rhinolophus ferrumequinum roosting under a bridge Yoshikura S. and Sugiyama S.
  • A roost of Nyctalus aviator in a hollow of a cut down tree Kasahi T. and Urano M.
  • Pipistrellus abramus suffered from heat stress. Shimizu Y.
  • Murina hilgendorfi and Murina ussuriensis roosting in furled leaves in Autumn Yamamoto T.
  • A report of Murina ussuriensis at Mt. Irigasa Nakahara Y.
  • A colony of Murina hilgendorfi in a calcareous cave in Fukushima Chiba N.
  • A report of Murina ussuriensis at Urabandai, Fukushima Suzuki T.
From overseas
  • Australasian Bat Society Conference Osawa K. and Osawa Y.
Literature introduction
  • Fruit bat as reservoirs of Ebola virus Harada M.
Save the bat in former air-raid shelters
Thg 11th bat festival 2005 at Nishikigawa Saito O.
The 11th general meeting
 Vol 15(1) July 2007
  • Year-round usage of tunnels by Murina hilgendorfi and their breeding at Tenryu-gawa river system Sato K. and Katsuta S.
  • The usage of Bat boxes in Norikura highland Honda N. Mineshita K. Noguchi S. Yokoyama S. and Yamamoto T.
  • Bat gate at a former underground military factory in Inuyama city, Aichi Yamamoto T. and Sano A.
  • Bat box culvert Tategami M. and Yanagawa H.
  • Mixed roost of different species of bats Urano N.
  • Pipistrellus abramus under a land bridge in Kuki city, Saitama Ando Y., Osawa K. and Osawa Y
  • Murina ussuriensis presumably resting in a fallen tree
  • A report of Murina ussuriensis in Tokamachi city, Niigata Sawahata T.
  • A picture of a bat taken by a motion-activated camera Ogawa Y.
  • A report of a Vespertilio sinensis emerged and died in midwinter Nakajima H. and Shirai T.
Bat forum 2006 in Norikura
Bat festival 2006 at Tadami Sato J.
The 12th annual general meeting
Announcement from the office
 Vol.16(1) July 2008
  • The maternity colonies and year-round usage of Myotis nattereri at Ohigawa river system and Tenryugawa river system Sato K. and Katsuta S.
  • Bats roosting in Oinu-ana cave Shimizu Y.
  • A rescued Vespertilio sinensis at an apartment building in Sumida ward, Tokyo Hirose K. and Ohashi N.
  • Reports of Vespertilio sinensis in Okayama Egi H.
  • Report of Vespertilio sinensis in Niigata Sawahata T.
  • A newly found colony of Vespertilio sinensis in Osawa Urano N., Yonemichi T. and Yamamoto K.
  • Pipistrellus abramus resting between Ceder timber Sano A.
  • Presumable Murina ussuriensis picture taken in Sado Island. Shibata N.
  • Eptesicus japonensis in a cottage at Yakushi Mountain Pass, Toyama Yoshida H.
  • Capture of Pipistrellus abramus by mist nets Ando Y. and Shigeta M.
Bat festival 2007 in Norikura highland Koyanagi K.
A request of help for Myotis formosus conservatio from South Korea.
Bat festival for the conservation for Myotis formosus Mizuno A.
Bat research in South Korea Yamamoto T. Sato A. Mikasa A. Honda N. Ando Y. and Yoshikura T.
The 13th general meeting
 Vol 17(1)December 2009
  • Echolocation calls of presumably Tadarida spp. in Iheya Island Yoshino H. Kyle N A.
  • Bat research in Kushigatayama, Yamanashi Sato A., Katsuta S., Ishihara M., Nakagawa Y., Yoshikura T. and Yamamoto T.
  • A presumable Vespertilio sinensis in an apartment building in Sendai City Sugimoto A.
  • Falco tinnunculus predation on bats Hirata H.
  • A rescued Vespertilio sinensis in Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Itabashi M.
  • In memory of Mr. Morii's 46 years of bat research Kaneko Y.
  • In memory of Dr Sawada Harada M. and Minowa K.
Bat research in South Korea Yamamoto T., Sato A., Mikasa A. and Noguchi S.
Bat festival 2008 in Okinawa Kodomonokuni Yoshioka Y.
Pteropus d. dasymallus in the Tokara islands Osawa K. and Osawa Y.
The 14th general meeting
Vol.18(1) March 2011
  • A colony of Tadarida insignis at Jogasaki, Shizuoka Sato A., Miyake T., Yamamoto T., Ohba T. Nakagawa Y. Osawa Y. Osawa K. Yamaguchi Y. Yamaguchi N. Yoshikura T. Takayama T. and Katsuta S.
  • Seasonal change of cave usage of Murina hilgendorfi Urano N.
  • The first record of Miniopterus fuliginosus on Izu-Oshima Island Amano N. Amano Y. and Naruse H.
  • Murina hilgendorfi in a former air-raid shelter Harada M.
  • Bats in Ikenochaya, Yamanashi Sato A., Katsuta S., Ishihara M. and Yamamoto T.
  • A small cluster of Miniopterus fuliginosus
  • Bat call library Mikasa A., Fukui D., Yoshikura T., Sasaki N., Imai H. and Mizuno M.
  • A maternity colony of Plecotus sacrimontis in Kushigatayama, Yamanashi Sato A., Ishihara M., Katsuta S., Yoshikura T. and Yamamoto T.
Bat festival 2009 in Amihari-onsen, Iwate Sakuyama M.
Reports from overseas
  • Taiwan bat research Sato A., Fukui D., Hirakawa H., Yoshikura T. and Mineshita K.
  • Bat research and conservation in the Great Britain Fukui D.
  • Pteropus dasymallus on Batan Island in the Philippine Osawa K. and Osawa Y
The 15th general meeting
Vol.19(1) December 2012
  • Nyctalus aviator roosting in a house in Gifu Yamamoto T., Ito K. and Kajiura K
  • Ground prowling insets in feces of Murina hilgendorfi
  • Vespertilio sinensis found in apartments in Kanto area. Kasahi T.
  • A maternity roost of Rhinolophus ferrumequinum in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto Nagai E.
  • Bat surveys with unattended bat detector D500 Sato A., Kato E., Katsuta S. and Yamamoto T.
  • Migration of cave dwelling bats in the suburbs of Osaka Urano N. and Harada M.
  • A report on a rescued bat appeared to be Vespertilio sinensis from Adachi ward, Tokyo Kasahi T.
  • Two partial albino Rhinolophus ferrumequinum in Kawane honcho, Sizuoka Sato A., Katsuta S., Miyake T. and Yamamoto T.
  • Bat festival at Kushigatayama in 2011 Sato A.
  • 2012 report of damage on bats by the Tohoku Earthquake Sakuyama M.
  • Philippine bat camp Osawa K. and Osawa Y.
  • The 16th general meeting
  • The 17th general meeting
  • Announcement
Vol. 20(1) May 2013 In memory of Mr. Mitsuru Mukoyama by Kawai K., Mizuno M., Fukui D., Sano A., Sakuyama M., Hayashi T., Mikasa A., Kasahi T. and Minowa K.
Vol. 21(1) June 2014
  • Bat trip across the US Osawa K. and Osawa Y.
  • Tossho-zan is a bat treasure house Dewa H., Shimizu S., and Murayama M.
  • Roost ecology of Murina ussuriensis in summer and autumn Hirakawa H.
  • Bat festival 2013 in Ozoracho Kondo N.
  • Essay on bats Nakajima H.
  • A report from the 16th International Bat Research Conference Mikasa A. and Mizuno M.
  • Predation on Stenopsyche marmorata by Vespertilio sinensis and Pipistrellus abramus in flight Sato A., Katsuta S., Osawa K., and Osawa Y.
  • Fallen bat at Kichi-joji Yamada T.
  • A report of Miniopterus fuliginosus in Tokyo Urano M. and Kasahi T.
  • The 19th general meeting
  • Announcement
Vol. 22(1) June 2016
  • Bat notebook 1. Pipistrellus endoi IMAIZUMI, 1959 in Miyagi Prefecture Takahashi O.
  • Debate over a bat gate Sano A.
  • First record of Murina ussuriensis on Sado Island Yanagisawa S.
  • Roadkill report of Pipistrellus abramus Sato A., Katsuta S., Osawa K., and Osawa Y.
  • Long-distance movement of Rhinolophus ferrumequinum between Ishikawa Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture Yamamoto T. and Inaba H.
  • Report of Eptesicus japonensis roosting in a tree cavity Yamamoto T.
  • Report of Vespertilio sinensis in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture Komatsu M. and Komatsu H.
  • Report of Murina ussuriensis in snow Fujita T., Sato S., and Takemura H.
  • New record of Nyctalus aviator from Kurashiki City, Okayama identified by fecal DNA analysis Nishiyama Y., Osajima G., Sonoda S., and Miyatake T.
  • Flying fox watching trip to Turtle Mountain Island in Taiwan Osawa K. and Osawa Y.
  • Bat festival 2014 in Adatara Highland Sato Y.
  • The 20th general meeting
Vol.23(1) March 2018 Ser.No.28
  • Special contribution : Critical roles of mitochondria in the evolution of bats Mori, T.
  • Bats in Kunisaki area in Kawanishi City, Gifu Harada M
  • Vespertilio sinensis found in narrow crevises of high raised bridges in the residential areas in Gifu Nagano, H.
  • Murina ussuriensis found in snow in Togakushi area in Nagano Osawa Y. and Osawa K.
  • Nyctalus aviator and Pipistrellus abramus in the high raised railway of Ihara railway in Kurashiki City Koshiyama, Y., Osajima, G. and Miyatake, T.
  • Bat calls recorded in Fukushima forest park Yamamoto., T.
  • Hibernating Vespertilio sinensis found in Konohana ward in Osaka City Harada, M. and Tukushi, T.
  • Bat Festival 2015 in Taiwan Mikasa, A.
  • Bat Festival 2016 in Tengu highland Tanioka H.
  • The 21th general meeting
  • The 22th general meeting
  • Announcement and bat topics
Vol.24(1) December 2019 Ser.No.29
  • Possible new identification of live Japanese pipistrelle and Endo's pipistrelle Pipistrelllus endoi. Satoh, A., Katsuta, S., and Takahashi, O.
  • Maximum life span recorded of Japanese forestdwelling bats Yamamoto, T.
  • An Asian parti-colored bat Vespertilio sinensis found in a public restroom in Oku-Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan Kasai, M. and Yasui, S.
  • Bat notes (2) eastern barbastelle Barbastella darjelingensis(Hodgson, 1855) Takahashi, O.
  • Geographic variation in the vocalizations of two Japanese bat species of the family Rhinolophidae Yamamoto, T.
  • A side story on the midday flight of birdlike noctule Nyctalus aviator (daytime flights in late October-late November and early March-early April) Osawa, K. and Osawa, Y.
  • An Ussurian tube-nosed bat Murina ussuirensis resting on a dead tree in Kami Town, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan Tanaka, K.
  • Hilgendorf's tube-nosed bat Murina hilgendorfi falling into pit fall traps Obara, Y.
  • Morphological variation and species names of adult bedbugs parasitizing the Asian parti-colored bat Vespertilio sinensis in Shichinohe Town, Aomori Prefecture, Japan Ohno, M. and Sasaki, R.
  • An attempt to discriminate bat species by calls using machine learning in Python Yamamoto, T.
  • Cave-dwelling bat species and their distribution in Osaka Prefecture, Japan Urano, N., Fujita, S., and Nishimura, M.
  • Report Batty Life in Poland Nagare-Sornek, Y.
  • Report Bat Festival in Mie Sano., A.
  • From the secretariat Report
     The 23rd General Meeting of the BSCJ Report
     The 24th General Meeting of the BSCJ
  • Announcement
No. 30 June 2021   
  • First in Japan! Discovery of the breeding site of the Alashanian pipistrelle Hypsugo alaschanicus Nakajima, H.
  • Bat notes (3) Japanese pipistrelle Pipistrellus abramus (Temminck, 1840) Takahashi, O.
  • A Ryukyu flying fox Pteropus dasymallus immediately after giving birth and a colony Osawa, K. and Osawa, Y.
  • Daytime flight of the eastern barbastelle Barbastella leucomelas in eastern Hokkaido Watanabe, M. and Kondo, N.
  • Bats coming to the window Hirakawa, H.
  • Cave-using bat species and their distribution in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan Urano, N. and Nishimura, M.
  • Long-distance movements of greater horseshoe bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum confirmed by wing-banding studies Urano, N., Nishimura, M., and Fujita, T)
  • In memory of my teacher, Dr. Teruaki Uchida Mouri, T.
  • Report: Batty Life in Poland Nagare-Sornek, Y.
  • Looking back at the flying primate hypothesis: From Bats-Biology and Behaviour (1996) to Bats-From Evolution to Conservation (2011) Osawa, K
  • From the Secretariat Submission of a written request and questionnaire requesting conservation measures for the endangered Japanese noctule Nyctalus furvus in the Kaminokuni No. 2 wind power generation project and the Kaminokuni Wind Farm, and a response from Power Development Co.
  • From the secretariat of the BSCJ
     The 25th General Meeting of BSCJ
     The 26th General Meeting of BSCJ
  • Announcement
 No.31 October  Special feature in memory of Mr. Yuzo Nakagawa
  • T. Mr. Nakagawa Usuki, N.
  • bat-conservation-fujiyama@ Sato, A.
  • Mr. Nakagawa with a loud voice Mikasa, A
  • I thank you, Mr. Nakagawa Sano, A.
  • When I remember my dad Nakagawa, K.
  • The Supreme Bat Photography: Mr. Yuzo Nakagawa's Greatest Masterpiece Nakajima, H.
  • Mr. Nakagawa with fisheye lens Ishihara, M
  • Nature, Bats and Mr. Nakagawa Yoshikura, S.
  • Memories of Mr. Nakagawa and bats in Thailand Mizuno, A.
Report from different places Japan
  • Bat species using caves and their distribution in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Urano, N., Hujita, S., and Nishimura, M
  • Acoustic survey of bats using D500X in Gifu Prefecture, Japan (2014) Yamamoto, T.
  • Roost use and survival confirmation from photographic images of Japanese Long-eared Bat Plecotus sacrimontis Yamamoto, T.
  • A maternity Asian parti-colored Bat found in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Yamaguchi, Y., Taniwagi, M., Yamaguchi, N. and Yamaguchi, K.
  • Records of a Long-fingerd Bat in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan Osawa, Y., Kawano, N. and Furuse, K.

Report The 26th Bat Festival 2022 in Norikura Highland Osawa, Y.

Essay On the 30th Anniversary of the Bat Study and Conservation Group of Japan Matsumura, S.

Report on the 27th General Meeting of the BSCJ
Report on the 28th General Meeting of the BSCJ