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A Field Guide to the Bats of Japan

A Field Guide to the Bats of Japan,
edited by Bat Study and Conservation Group of Japan
Pocket edition (68p ),Bun-ich Co., Ltd,.
1,260itax includedj

A Field Guide to the Bats of Japan is a collaboration by Japan's top bat biologists and is absolutely the best bat field guide

Bats are the most abundant Japanese terrestrial mammals in terms of species number. This book covers all 35 bat species living in Japan. It features how we can identify the bat species with many photographs and illustrations.

At the end of field guide, there is also general information on bats, the conservation of Japan's bats, guidelines for bat watchers, bats' echolocation, bat detectors and so on. Plenty of information in a pocket size book!!

The book contains the peak frequencey of each species and which parts of the forest they forage in, etc., which are very useful for idenfcation of bats in the wild.

The book helps you to understand the unknown amazing bat world.

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Reference list is hereiExcel,32KBj

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Revised edition was published on May 22, 2011

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