Makoto Hatori is an internationally recognized Japanese contemporary ceramic artist. His work with ceramics is innovative in that he combines the centuries-old ceramic heritage of pottery used in Japan and infuses his work with modern techniques. Japanese ceramic art is based heavily in tradition, and the work of Makoto Hatori often seeks to challenge those traditions by creating art through ceramics that are meant to be thought-provoking works of art and not simply functional pieces meant for practical purposes. (

Current Work


" Non-color ; Otherness (06-28-2) "

(w)133.0 – (d)40.0 – (h)9.5 cm, handbuilt stoneware elements assembled over some threaded iron rod, non glaze with slip, silicon tube, iron rod and epoxy, electric kiln, fired 1250 degrees C. in reduction.

The Latvia International Ceramics Biennale and Martinsons Award Competition is organised by the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre and CERAMIC LABORATORY, the International Studio for Ceramic Art at Daugavpils Clay Art Centre. Exhibited at the LATVIA INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS BIENNALE, July 15-22, 2016. 'MARTINSONS AWARD' INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION, July 15– September 10, 2016.

" Non-color,"

(w)95.0 – (d)53.0 – (h)9.0 cm, stoneware with slip, fired 1250 degrees C. in reduction, with aluminum board and epoxy.

35th International Ceramics Competition l'Alcora 2015. Exhibited at L'Alcora Ceramics Museum, Spain, June 26 - September 6, 2015.

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