The 9th Bat festival at UENO ZOO

Tokyo is a capital of bats!
 Have you ever seen bats flitting around at dusk? More than one third of all terrestrial mammals in Japan, namely 36species, is bats. 14 species have been recorded in Tokyo(*1). Accordingly Tokyo is one of the most diverse prefecture on bats. In addition to that Ueno Zoo has been keeping 6 species of bats(*2) which is the most number among zoos in Japan.
 Bat festival 2003 at UENO ZOO introduces the fact of bats with exhibition, bat talks, and bat watching.

*1  Bonin flying fox Pteropus pselaphon, Greater horseshoe bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Japanese little horseshoe bat Rhinolophus cornutus, birdlike noctule Nyctalus aviator, Asian parti-colored bat Vespertilio sinensis, Endo's pipistrelle Pipistrellus endoi, Japanese pipistrelle Pipistrellus abramus, eastern barbastelle Barbastella leucomelas, Japanese long-eared bat Plecotus sacrimontis, Japanese large-footed bat Myotis macrodacytylus, eastern bent-winged bat Miniopterus fuliginosus, Hilgendorf's tube-nosed bat Murina hilgendorfi, Ussurian tube-nosed bat Murina ussuriensis, Bonin pipistrelle Pipistrellus sturdeei(EX)
*2 Leschenault's rousette Rousettus leschenaultii, Orii's flying-foxPteropus dasymallus inopinatus, Japanese pipistrelle Pipistrellus abramus, Asian parti-colored bat Vespertilio sinensis, hammer-headed bat Hypsignathus monstrosus, Seba's Short-tailed Bat Carollia perspicillata(current as of April 30, 2003)

Festival Promoter:UENO ZOO
Sponsored by Bat Study and Conservation group of Japan and Tokyo Zoological Park Society
Backing : The Nature Conservation Society of JAPAN and ASAHI NEWS PAPER


Exhibit ←Click and you can see some of the exhibits
From 2003 July 1st to September 28(Sun)
     Close on Monday(Except 21st. July)
Ueno Zoo West part ZOO POCKET

Contents : Photos of Bats , Exposition , a display of dummy bats , specimen , Bat design items , Origami , Coloring
Free of charge

Bat talk
July 21, 2003(Public holiday)13:00〜15:00
The zoo hall in the west garden of Ueno zoo
Bats life and how to watch bats by Yuzo Nakagawa (Wildlife photographer)
No reservation is neccessary. Free of charg. Feel free to drop in. (Zoo entrance fee is neccessary)

August 2(Sat)10:00〜17:00
August 3(Sun)10:00〜16:00
The zoo hall in the west garden of Ueno zoo
Talks by leading academics and professionals.

August 2
10:10〜About bats by Mizuko Yoshiyuki (National Museum of Nature and Science)
13:10〜DNA analysis tells the evolution of bats by Kuniko Kawai (Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University)
14:30〜The life strategy and echolocation of bats by Sumiko Matsumura (Yamaguchi University)
15:50〜Bat Conservation and Bat Watching by Terumasa Yamamoto(Yaotsu High School, Gifu Prefecture)

August 3
10:00〜Bats in zoo across Japan by Naoya Ohashi(Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment)
11:20〜Flying fox watching by Keiko Osawa (Hoya High School)
14:30〜Breeding biology and social structure of bats by Kimitake Funakoshi (International University of Kagoshima)

Bat and cicada hatch watching
August 2(Sat) and August 3(Sun) 17:30〜20:00
Around Shinobazu Pond at Ueno Zoo West park
Watch Japanese pipistrelles foraging above Shinobazu Pond and hatching large brown cicadas near the pond.
Free of charge

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