Bat festival 2003 in UENO ZOO Exhibition

ジャワオオコウモリに変身Don't you want to be a Jawa flying fox

The life size Jawa flying fox is welcoming guests at the entrance to the Zoo. Participants can show their faces through a hole of the bat face and take their pictures. The pictures should be seen upsidedown. 
Guess how heavy bats are?
Which bottle is as heavy as Pteropus pselaphon, Pipistrellus abramus and Craseonyteris thonglongya?
コウモリのあれこれパネルLearn about bats
Their food, their roost, the structure of their wings and hibernation.
 Bat roosts
Under bark, in tree hollows and bat houses
上野洞窟Let's find bats in a cave!
This hand-built cave holds bat toys. How many can you find?
 Megachiroptera and microchiropteraオオコウモリと小コウモリの違い
Their food, hibernation and echolocation.
コウモリ切手のコレクションThe bat stamp collection
Last year the first bat stamp in the U.S. was issued. Its first cover has a signature of Dr.Merlin Tuttle.
Try your hand at bat origami and bat coloring
There are various bat origami ranging from beginners to advanced types. There are also some coloring pictures of bats and bat gliders
Carved bats
オオコウモリのキャンプCarved Pteropus dasymallus were hanging from the cealing.
 Bat specimens
With the support of the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo we exhibit bat specimens.
コウモリグッズの由来Bat design
In the west, bats have been regarded as creepy, malignant and fearful creatures associated with Dracula. Bats in halloween follow this stereotype but as halloween is for kids sometimes we can find humorous bat decorations. In anciant Maya bat was an underworld god. Among a tribe in Native American culture, bats symbolize a new start. In China the bat is a symbol of good luck. In the Edo era bat is also a symbol of good luck in Japan and the bat design in Kimonos, towels and sword guards was kind of fashionable.
Bacardi's logo is a bat. There are also bat designs in batik and mola of the Kuna people.
Bat droppings
Can you see insect fragments in bat droppings?
 How to draw a cartoon bat.  

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