Bat designed items

In western countries, bats often represent ominous omens, such as followers of Count Dracula or the Devil. So bats on the items are often eerie. Halloween is the day that the dead revive and come back so bats are grouped along with other eerie creatures such as witches, ghosts and spiders but these days Hallloween is a kind of children's festival and bat costumes are somehow humorous and cute.

In China bats are lucky symbols and often used on buildings, belongings and costumes from Ming and Ching Era. Japan was affected by China and in Edo Era bats are a kind of fashion from overseas regarded as smart and they had bats in yukatas ( summer cotton kimono) or sword hilts. 

Today there are many good bat designs and bats are no longer odd thing.

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Bat items arond the world
Native American
Central and south america
Dohmo-kun(Characters of Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Japanese bat items
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Bat designed souvenirs across Japan

Bat conservation organization
BCI (Bat Conservation International)
BCT(Bat Conservation Trust)
Bat Study and Conservation group of Japan

Stuffed toys 
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Can badge
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Bat postal stamp

The one and only bat stuffed toy Pink Bat