Bat Festival 2002 at the foot of Mt. Fuji

Onlyd day-trip distance from metropolitan area
  August 24th(Sat) and 25th(Sun), 2002

The exhibition has already started from 27th July      

At the foot of Mt. Fuji an extensive forest holds many species of bats and other wildlife. Through bats and wildlife feel the unity of ecosystem. Anyone can join the bat festival at the foot of Mt, Fuji.

Venue:Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences(Now, Mount Fuji Research Institute), Biodiversity Center of Japan, Saiko Bat Cave, Lake Kawaguchi Field Center, Fuji-san Morinogakko
Organizer: The Bat Study and Conservation Group of Japan

August 24th (Sat)
Talks at Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences
Bat and the nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji 講 演 会 コウモリと富士山麓の自然 会場:山梨県環境科学研究所

16:00PM Move to Saiko bat cave by bus

Bat walk at Saiko Bat Cave
Fee: 200yen

August 25th(Sun))
Symposium"Bat conservation at the foot of Mt. Fuji"at Morinogakko

12:00AM Finishi
Festival dinner August 24th(Sat)
7:30PM start at Fujisan Morinogakko
Reservation is necessary
Fee:3500yen for a man, 2500yen for a woman

Bat exhibition
From July 27th to August 25th
Panels interpret biology of bats, Pictures of bats in the wild, Bat designed items


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