The last day at Kandy

January 10th
Today's breakfast was steamed red rice, dal curry, pineapples, bananas, spicy onion slices and coffee.

There were other guests in the hotel today. Five male guests were eating curry with their hands

フンはぽろぽろしているWe visited the Botanical Gardens, too.

Sometimes flying fox feces fell while we were taking pictures under the trees. Usually their droppings are liquid as they eat juicy fruits but here the droppings were rather granular.

Today we saw the same flying fox con man in the Gardens. He had just found an easy target, a western couple, and got a tip from them.

Just after 2 o'clock in the afternoon, we went to the city center of Kandy again by bus which cost 13 rupees. As usual the bus fare was different again.
The bus terminal was a starting point for all the bus lines as well as a terminal point. In Japan, people who want to get on will wait until the bus stops and all the passengers inside get off. But here, everybody rushes to the bus and gets on and off while the bus is still trying hard to squeeze into a parking space.

パンWe had lunch at an eat-in bakery. Four pieces of bread and two pots of tea cost 200 rupees. We were able to understand and order from menu with some effort but in Sri Lankan restaurants it is more common that all the kinds of bread or samosa are place in a basket and are served on the table and customers pay only for what they eat. Customers often handle the bread and return it to the basket.

At 5:30 in the evening, we went to see the flying fox colony at the river bank which we had found yesterday. We also found two more electrocuted flying foxes, one of which was nothing but bones. Around the entrance of a restaurant named Elephant Restaurant was the best view point, just then a restaurant security came up to us and said that he would let us inside if we gave him a tip, we rejected him and moved out of his sight.

First, a large group of bats which presumably came from the Botanical Garedens flew over and then the colony at the river bank also took to flight around 6:30 in the evening.

While we were climbing back the slope to the hotel, several tok-tok drives one after another asked if we wanted a ride. On the way back, we saw several bats hanging from tree branches. We saw an Indian Flying Fox in the mango tree in front of our hotel, too.

ジャックフルーツカレー他Today's dinner was jack fruit curry, fish curry, rice, salads, stir-fried vegetables and fried bean paste.

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