15 The Seychellois Time

Although we had asked the taxi driver that we were to be picked up at 14:45 the car was a long time in coming. Watching other people being picked up one after another made us fretful because we had little time before our flight but there was nothing we could do as there was no bus access and no cruising taxis. Finally it appeared at around three o'clock with another passenger. The driver had picked up a passenger who would also go to the airport. The driver stopped the car on the way to show a roadside waterfall to the other passenger, which took us to the edge because we didn't want to miss the plane. Time seemed to run slowly in the Seychelles.

We arrived at the airport at 15:15. The taxi fee was 150 rupees, a little cheaper than average probably because we shared the taxi with the other passenger.

Our plane, which was fully occupied, took off at 15:40, a little later than scheduled. We wanted to stay longer and actually there was another flight later on. It was kind of our travel agent to put us on the earlier flight, and not to take a risk of us being left on the island in case we were late or in case the flight was cancelled but it was a little disappointing.

After we went back to Mahe we took our supper to the monastery ruin and waited for flying foxes but we saw only one animal flying away.

Some tenrecs came to the lawn just below where we stood at 18:45. They were roaming and eating something on the grass. They might be feeding on garbage. When my husband took a picture, the shutter noise made them jump and run away quickly.

We dropped by the gas station on our way back and replenished the tank with 30 rupees of gasoline. We could return the rent-a-car with minimum gasoline but we filled up almost half of the tank.

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