7 A wedding on New Year's Day

damIt was overcast and gloomy on the New Year's Day. When we drove to a dam almost all people we passed on the way stopped their cars and asked where we were going. As the dam was not a place tourists want to visit they must have thought we were lost. So when we pointed to the dam on a map they understood and said "OK". We saw Grey Herons, White-tailed Tropical Birds, White Terns, Pigeons and Common Mynas, none of which were rare species.

When we came back to the coastal road we saw families in their Sunday best walking out of churches. As most shops in Victoria were closed the town was quiet. There was a mosque in the town where many people assembled. It might have held a mosque service. Small retail shops everywhere were open and we bought snacks for lunch. They sold homemade chocolate cakes by the piece and cassava chips. When we were in these local shops and spoke in English people didn't think we were Japanese. So, I was asked if we were from Malaysia. Children we met on the road teased us with calls of "Chinoise(Chinese)".

A wedding party was being held in a bower at the foot of the slope while we were watching the flying foxes from a lawn in front of it. The bower which pillars were decorated with flowers and palm-leaves was not large. But chairs had been carried into it by a small truck and many people were gathered inside. Somebody was playing the guitar and singing songs. Then they all got out of the bower to have group portraits taken. Having a wedding on New Year's Day struck us as a nice idea.

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