3 At a bazaar

We went to a bazaar in Victoria in drizzly weather. There was a large free parking lot at the edge of the town. On the way to the bazaar from the parking I saw a pair of the Madagascar Fodies building a nest on one of the trees lining a street. The nest, made of woven grass was hanging from a branch and the female bird was still carrying grass while the male bird was perched on a branch nearby.

The vegetable sectionDowntown was always crowded with people and particularly the bazaar. The vegetable department was divided into small booths and people sold Cassava, Indian spinach, Leeks, Cabbage, Lettuce, Carrot, Watercress and herbs. Some sold long large pineapples cut in two. Some sold peeled coconuts. Tea, a regional specialty was also sold and I bought vanilla tea for myself but the vanilla flavor was too strong. Some sold only a few spices and it reminded me of a stall of seven-spice pepper in Japan, but of course they made curry powder by hand instead of Japanese seven-spice pepper. Some sold only piles of colorful peppers. Handmade brooms were also sold.

The seafood sectionThe seafood department consisted of a U-shaped counter on which large gutted fish were placed. Inside of U-shaped counter fish guts were thrown away and were being picked up by the Cattle Egrets scavenging inside of the counter. Some egrets were also on the counter. I had previously thought that the Cattle Egrets stayed in the grasslands feeding on grasshoppers.

Black pudding or blood sausageThere were five meat shops and all were in a small building. Several people went out of the building eating something black. We looked inside and found large sausages hanging at a storefront and when a customer handed a coin the butcher, he cut a sausage in proportion to the amount of money. We handed him a rupee (about 20 yen) and he cut about 3cm of the sausage. It seemed blood coagulated with starch and small pieces of vegetable.In spite of its liver-like look it didnft smell and was not too bad. The piece was still a little warm so I assume it was freshly-made. Outside of the meat shop, the Cattle Egrets were waiting for a sausage to be dropped. In the store front there were also legs, hearts, and a variety of animal parts hanging up.Buchershop

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