12 I've left behind my bag !

To get from Cousin island to Praslin island you have to take a small boat again to the cruiser. The small boat holds six people so it was almost one o'clock when all the people got on board.

I wanted to be sure our cruiser would take my husband and I to Praslin island after the others got off at a different island so I asked the crew of the smaller boat but they didn't speak English. Then, I asked the person who looked like the leader of the cruser if the cruiser would take us back to Praslin island and he said yes.

After the 30 minutes of travel the cruiser stopped at the other island which all the passenger but us got off at. Like before, a small boat came and went to transport the passengers. The cruiser was rocking badly while moored so I got sea sick. The strap of my shoulder bag made my sickness worse.

After all other passengers got off we were also told to board the smaller boat. Praslin island is across a small channel and we seemed to be going to the island by this small boat, instead.

@The channel was calm. We got to the halfway point without problem when I realized I didn't have my bag with me!!! I panicked and couldn't remember what I had done with my bag after I felt the strap started my sickness worse. But somehow I had forgotten my bag, it had my passports, credit cards, cash and so on. The steersman asked me what was wrong with me because I looked so aghast. Despite being terribly shocked and disturbed, I answered in English, "I've left behind my bag!"

@He readily agreed to go back to the cruiser. My bag with valuables was still in the empty moored cruiser and I was relieved. There is no tipping in this country but this time we gave him a substantial tip and as a matter of fact we happen to have only large bills.

So we landed on Praslin island at 1:40 in the afternoon which was far later than we had expected and the taxi we had asked to pick us up at one o'clock obviously wasn't there. Another taxi was there ready for hire so we asked the driver to take us to the Vallee de Mai National Park at the center of the island. Since the airport was on the opposite side of the island, the national park was on the way and in addition the public transportation was not good, we asked the taxi to pick us up 55 minutes later and take us to the airport and we would pay at the airport. We were told to do so from the travel agent as the driver might not pick us up if we paid first.

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