10 French is the Language in Paradise

While we were waiting for others to go ashore White-tailed Tropic Birds, White Terns and Common Noddies were flying around us.

We were waiting for others to go ashore under a bower.At the start, a guide talked to us (probably about what we should and shouldn't do in the nature reserve) but I couldn't understand what he said because he spoke French. While he was speaking suddenly I began to understand what he was saying as he changed his language from French to English before I realized. Then as he continued talking, I found that I couldn't follow because he spoke in French again. He might have been saying the same things in French and English but as he was perfectly bilingual there weren't any pauses between the two languages. As well his English had a French accent so it was difficult for me to notice when he changed from one language to the other. It also took a little time before I realized I could understand what he was saying

After the introductions, we were divided into two groups, one of which was guided in French and the other in English. An overwhelming majority took the French tour. Another Japanese couple, a lady who spoke fluent English, a French-speaking couple and a family were the only ones with us on the English-speaking tour. From their shaky English when they asked a question, I guessed that the French-speaking couple was with us only because the French group had too many people in it and the French couple could understand a little English.

Madagascar Fody chicksSeveral minutes after the French group started and before our group was about to start, it suddenly began to pour. We waited for a while to take shelter from the downpour in a bower, which we also shared with a Madagascar Fody and its fledglings. The dull brown fledglings were shaking their wings and following their bright red father above us in the roof of the bower.

After 20 minutes it didn't stop raining and our guide set out on the tour saying that anyone who wanted to go should follow him. Some followed but we couldn't decide whether to go or not. After a few minutes we decided to follow him, so we put on our rainwear and joined the tour.

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