5 I want to drink genuine coffee

Bats started to fly out at dusk We went back to the botanical garden in Victoria after we came full circle around the island. About 5:30 the flying foxes started to fly. Sunset was about 6:30.

There were many expensive fashionable restaurants for tourists in the northern part of the island where many resort hotels stood. But we preferred the more casual restaurants where locals went but there was only of these restaurants the"Pirates Arm" in Victoria. This restaurant had an open atmosphere with no windows or walls. We enjoyed fish cuisine in the Creole style and the fish of the day "Tuna Steak", coffee and iced tea at 116 rupees in total.

Wherever I went and ordered coffee they always served instant. As a coffee lover I was not quite happy with it. At the inn instant coffee was given out every morning and at this restaurant instant coffee was served despite the fashionalbe look. Air Seychelles also provided instant coffee. This island produces or used to produce coffee as I saw the trees but people in this country must believe coffee beans are roasted, grinded into powder and hot water is poured on them.

Three big rats jumped out of the garbage cans on the roadside and ran away I shone the torch on to the cans and six more rats jumped out of them. A little later another rat that fell behind got out of it. I kicked the can and one more jumped out. I didn't know there were rats in the Seychelles. They couldn't have swam from mainland Africa although some of them were pretty big. They must have been introduced.

At eleven o'clock at night it started raining hard again.

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