Manado market

December 10th
Today is the last day in Indonesia. It took quite a time to pack all stuff. After we got our things together at 2 o'clock in the morning we went out but we didn't see and listen to any flying fox. After all it turned out that the first night we saw the bats was the best.

The sea around here was famous among divers for one of the world's greatest drop-off. Most of the hotel tourists are either divers or snorkelers. One of the hotel guiests from Singapore said he saw a bat in the sea and showed us a picture of batfish. There are several species of fish which is called batfish but it was probaly a kind of genus Platax.

マナドのマーケットAt 9:30 in the morning we got on a boat. Although it was low tide the sea around the boat was deep and my rolled up pants got soaked again. It took about an hour to Manado. The hotel arranged a tax to the airport but we asked the tax to wait there for 30 minutes and took a wander in and around Manado market.

Through the internet we found sometimes bats are sold in Manado market. But on the day the meat section of the market was mostly closed probably because it was monday and they didn't hunt and slaughter animals. We only wanted to check the bat species and measure forearms or so on.

Fruits, vegetables, eggs, live chickens and fish were sold at the market. They sell many dried fishes and small fishes looks like chirimenjako(dried young sardins) which is familier to us. Only part of the meat section was open and sold pig head.

When we went back to our taxi the driver went to toilet for another minutes .While we were waiting a lady came to the back of the taxi and started to eat doughnuts and recommend us to pick one doughnut or two and we followed the recommendation.

The check in process at Manado airport was very old-fashioned handing boarding passes by hand and took quite a long time. The airplane to Singapore was full. Some other guests of the hotel were on the same plane. As it was a international flight, no liquid more than 100ml was allowed and I saw a cup of pudding was confiscated.

On the way back we had to wait for layover at Changi Airport in Singapore for six hours and we took a nap on couches to killed time.

The End


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