Another bat cave

December 6th
We woke up in the midnight but it rained and we decided not to go out to see bats.

The sky was still covered with heavy clouds in the morning and we couldn't hear many bird songs. After breakfast we took a nap.
お昼ごはんWe woke up at lunch. Since there were no shops and restaurants near the hotel, hotel served three meals.
Lunch was usually fried rice, bihun, noodle or so on.

グールドカグラコウモリもう一つのコウモリ洞窟There was another bat cave near hotel and we asked two of hotel staff to show us the cave in the afternoon. We walked toward the opposite direction of the coast from yesterday for 5 minutes and climbed for another 5 minutes to get to the cave. The cave was a little bigger than the one yesterday.

Other than ten or more Celebes Rousettus there were two microbats with leaf noses and large ears. We turned on a bat detector and heard quiet 130kHz call. They were Gould Leaf-nosed Bats Hipposideros cervis.

We climbed up the slope and got to the hotel's back gate.

It rained again in the evening and we didn't go out to watch bats.

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