Tanjung Parigi Village

December 4th
We found pellets that fruitbats spat out while climbing down to the main building for breakfast. Last evening we only saw a fruit bat passing overhead. They did come to this tree during the night.

At the top end of the hotel property, there was a gate which was connected by a narrow path to Tanjung Parigi Village. Bananas, mangoes and taroes were sparsely planted along the path. Free-ranging pigs were prowling. A Cow was tied to a tree. Then the path led up to the village's main road.

タンジュウンパリギ村のメイン道路The main road was around 1.5m wide and sort of paved but considerably bumpy. Motorbikes could pass, but not automobiles. Along the road there were tens of houses, several shops, a church and a football ground. We found fruit bat pellets along the road under a tree.

リアンビーチWe continued to walk to get to Lian Beach, on the opposite side of the island. When we got to the steps at the edge of the village towards the beach, suddenly we heard music and sound of people chatting. There, there was a rustic local beach with souvenir shops. It seemed that most people in the village moved together to the beach. People were spending time chatting and letting children play. Some had a nap in vacant shops. The area was covered with large tropical almond trees, the fruit of which were favorite food for fruit bats. The shop area was cleaned but we found some fruit bat pellets. Fruit bats did come here in the evening but this place was a bit far as a night walk.

集落のホタルの集まる木It rained hard in the afternoon but it stopped raining before dinner. After dinner we got back to Tanjung Parigi Village. We could listen to 55kHz bat calls by using a bat detector. We saw small and middle size fruit bats hovering around the tree under which we saw pellets during day. But they didn't hang from a tree and rest.

There was a tree where fire flies aggregated and flickered in the village. It looked like a Christmas light decoration.

ヒメオオコウモリ, Pteropus hypomelanus,Island (or small) flying foxAt 2 o'clock in the morning, Yushi was woken by a fruit bat call while Keiko was troubled with a nightmare. There was a high Garuga floribunda tree canopy above our cottage. Some Island flying foxes Pteropus hypomelanus came to the trees and ate small yellow fruits and sometimes they mated. But as often happened in contries where the resident people eat fruit bats, they were far from us and nervous and never tried to hang on low branches. We watched them for 2 hours. They were still there when we went back to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning.

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