Watching bats with dogs on Bunaken Island

バナナの花に来るシタナガフルーツコウモリSulawesi Island in Indonesia has both Indomalaya and Australasia flora and fauna. Thus the island supports a great variety of living species. For example, there are 22 species of fruit bats on the island. But we can get little information about their habitat. The island is particularly rich in cave-dwelling fruit bats but resident people have a habit to hunt and eat fruit bats. So we guess that bats in easily accesible caves are likely to be hunted.
Bunaken Island is about a one hour cruise from Manad in north Sulawesi. Cha Cha Nature Resort owner said in her blog that there were fruit bats at the hotel site. That attracted us to Bunaken Island.

  1. Go to Bunaken Island at a latitude of 1 degree north
  2. Tanjung Parigi Village
  3. Meet Celebes Rousettus
  4. Another bat cave
  5. Long-tongued Nectar Bat feeding on banana flower's nectar
  6. Long-tongued Nectar Bat and Celebes Rousettus feeding on banana flower's nectar
  7. Manado market

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